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Grace and Lace leg warmers and boot socks, amazing, classic, and cute from an American designer designed in small lots with love!

About our Currently Featured Designer category:

Here at Artisan Socks, we're proud to showcase our designers and their unique, fun, beautiful, creative, amazing socks, leggings, tights, arm and leg warmers, and more! Want to be an Artisan Socks Featured Designer? Let us know!
This month we're spotlighting Grace & Lace. Made proudly in the U.S.A. by a great designer.


Currently Featured Designer

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Notebook Binder Paper Knee Highs

Knee high binder paper striped socks look just like a page of notebook paper and make you feel warm and fuzzy, like The Notebook.

Regular Price: $15.00
Now: $12.00

Notebook Binder Paper Knee HighsTo see details about and buy Notebook Binder Paper Knee Highs click here

#2 Pencil Mid-Calf Crew Sock

The shorter version of the iconic pencil sock, the crew size is more like the pencil you've used down to the nub.

Regular Price: $10.00
Now: $9.00

#2 Pencil Mid-Calf Crew SockTo see details about and buy #2 Pencil Mid-Calf Crew Sock click here

Bacon Wrapped Crew Socks

Bacon crew socks are a great option for the bacon lover with cold feet. Or literally almost anyone else.

Regular Price: $10.00
Now: $9.00

Bacon Wrapped Crew SocksTo see details about and buy Bacon Wrapped Crew Socks click here

Intestine Crew Socks

Fun pink crew socks with intestine / brainy innard patterns let you wear your insides outside. Great for butchers, surgeons, freaks, dad.

Regular Price: $10.00
Now: $9.00

Intestine Crew SocksTo see details about and buy Intestine Crew Socks click here

Composition Book Crew Sock

Composition notebook crew socks from Ashi Dashi allow you to bring that classic comp book pattern wherever you go.

Regular Price: $10.00
Now: $9.00

Composition Book Crew SockTo see details about and buy Composition Book Crew Sock click here

#2 Pencil Knee High Socks

Pencil knee high socks are a cute and fun way to let everyone know you're the smarest one in the room.


#2 Pencil Knee High SocksTo see details about and buy #2 Pencil Knee High Socks click here

Me So Corny Crew Socks

"Me So Corny" crew socks from Ashi Dashi-take you to a whole new level of corn.


Me So Corny Crew SocksTo see details about and buy Me So Corny Crew Socks click here

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