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artisan socks news & specials

Sushi Socks

Sushi Socks have arrived in the U.S.!

Roll them up, almost realistic sushi in your favorite neta. Roll them out and they're unisex crew socks!

Artisan Socks is the only (first) U.S. socks shop to carry the brand new Japanese hit sushi socks!

If you're still a little confused about what a sushi sock is, please take a look through our sushi socks gallery! (No sushi chefs or cats injured during photography.)

See the original cute sushi socks from Japan, here now!

Leg warmers

We think your legs are hot.
And should be.

These are not your Flashdancer's leg warmers!
So you have great shoes, spiffy leggings, and want just one more little bit of warmth or flair?

Add a little zest, or "pow" or even some "WOW!" to you outfit easily.

Leg warmers. Keeping your legs warm since the 80's :)

Browse our hot and cool leg warmers here

Socks for men


Hamburger socks? Check. Shark socks? Check. Striped and Checked socks? Check and striped!

We've added a great line up of men's novelty socks and men's fashionable fashion socks. That's redundant, but our socks for guys are pretty neat even if my writing isn't.

Add on socks for your boyfriend, husband, or dad and you can justify just about any of your own personal impulse buys.

Awesome Men's Socks Here

Artisan Socks News / Specials

Plus sized Stockings & Leggings & Socks!

You asked for them, we got some and will add more soon! We have some new plus sized items (Look for the tag!) to make bigger women feel as smart and fashionable as they deserve to.

World Map Tights

Super Stylish World Map Tights

We saw these world map tights on Pinterest and fell in absolute love.

We searched and hunted and found the wonderful company in New Zealand that makes them and worked out a deal to import them to the U.S.

Even though they're a little pricey, we think there's still an absolutely wonderful addition to a solid simple dress to make you an eye-catching I-see-London-I-see-France super star.

The one and only World Tights!

Discontinued Socks

Super Savings and Specials on Our Discontinued Items!

It's that time of year again!!
What time of year do we mean?
No, not just the time of year that we make obnoxious alliterations and write a bunch of too-early holiday marketing catch copy.

We mean the time of year when you have to spend a lot of money even if you don't have a lot of money to spend, so you want bargains and nice things without having to spend the aforementioned lot of money you just might not have.

We've discounted all the really great but now discontinued styles we still have in stock. This means you get rare and gorgeous but deeply discounted fashion, and we empty our stock room.



artisan socks welcomes you!

We here at ARTISANSOCKS are dedicated to the artisan, the fun, and the fashionable, all mixed with a touch of whimsy and a sprinkling of flair.

We have funky socks, iconic socks, ironic socks, japanese socks, hand-knit socks, have-to-have socks, coolest socks ever! socks, warm socks, hot stockings, artisan socks, stockings, tights, leg warmers, arm warmers, and leggings that are fashionable, artisan made and just plain fun.

we promise!

We guarantee that we will take quality, originality, and customer service very very seriously, and that we won't take the other things too seriously at all. We promise that no nylons, wools or cottons will harmed or abused in the making of this site or the socks we sell, nor will our models who are real sock, leg warmer, tights and leggings wearers. With great smiles that you can't see.

We promise to strive to sell the best socks, thigh-highs, stockings, tights, leg warmers, arm warmers, tabi socks and more that we can get our greedy fashion-hungry hands on.

we welcome shops and designers and shoes!

We welcome new designers, old designers, and people with designs, you know, as in "who have designs for socks" as well as "have designs on the socks we sell".

We welcome shops who sell and designers who make wondrous fabulous shoes to give us shoes to wear as we model our socks and stockings.

Right now, we especially welcome those shoes in sizes 6, 6.5, 7, and 7.5. For no special reason.
OK, those are our sizes. And we love shoes too
though we won't be carrying them yet. We'll credit you and your shoes on our wonderful socks and stockings and more website. OMG SHOES!

*Waves frantically* Mr. Fluevog?? I'm ready for my close-up!! OMG FLUEVOG SHOES!

♥♥ April in Paris?

Sock Diva L: Ozone Sunny Day Flower Socks; A work of sock Art!
Sock Diva L: Cherry blossom tabi socks! (Flip flop socks with flair!)
Sock Diva L: Celeste Stein BIG DOT Print Tights / Stockings

Ozone Sunny, Cloudy, Night Turquoise Knee High Knee Socks
K.Bell Cherry Blossom Tabi - Red Cotton Floral Print Split Toe Socks
Celeste Stein BIG DOT Print Tights / Stockings<

♥♥ Artisan Socks March Madness Socks

Sock Diva D: K Bell Space Dyed Knee Highs on Diva D
Sock Diva L: Hansel from Basel's fun spring line; Clemence Knee-Hi Socks
Sock Diva L's Model Family: Getting Smoochy in Happy Socks (Unisex European Socks for fun!)

Kbell space dyed socks
Hansel from Basel's fun silk spring line; Clemence Knee-Hi Socks
Happy Socks (Unisex European Socks for fun!)

♥♥ Artisan Socks Warm, "Hot", and a Little Sexy Stockings picks

Sock Diva L: Japanese Harajuku Style Knee High Sexy Stockings
Sock Diva D: Ozone ANGORA JAMBIERE BROWN Angora Thigh High Socks
Creepy Sock Leg Models: Sexy Wetlook Black Thigh High Stockings

Amazing Japanese Growing Socks
Ozone ANGORA JAMBIERE BROWN Angora Thigh High Socks
Sexy Wetlook Black Thigh High Stockings

♥♥ Artisan Socks staff special holiday wishes from December

Sock Diva D + "Puppy": Amazing Japanese Growing Socks
Sock Diva N + "Penny": Amazing Japanese Growing Socks
Sock Diva L + "Justus + Jitters": Second Degree Scratch marks + Japanese Growing Socks

Amazing Japanese Growing Socks
Amazing Japanese Growing Socks
Bite marks, scratches + Amazing Japanese Growing Socks

♥♥ Artisan Sock staff picks & pics for November

Sock Diva L: Sock-It-To-Me knee highs
Sock Diva D: Vintage Creations arm warmers
Sock Diva N: Happy Socks sized crew socks

Sock it To me fancy socks
green Original Cashmere Arm warmers
Happy Socks Dotted Cotton Crew Socks
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