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Artisan Socks welcomes you!

Nice to meet you! We're Artisan Socks. Aka the "Artisan Crew".

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Sock Diva L, Leah Workman

Shop Renewal Coming Soon! We're working to make a brand new responsive site with more features since so many of you shop using non-desktop devices. Thanks to all our loyal and long-time customers for the feedback, we're working hard to get it all reflected in the new site which probably won't be up until after the holidays, so bear with us old-school style for just a little more please! The new site will also be hand-made, but better, much better :)

Artisan Socks started out as a mainly online artisan and amazing socks and leg wear shop with our customer service office and clean carpeted warehouse in a lovely beach community called Redondo Beach in southern California. We're now a little inland in a great place called "Old Torrace", the office and warehouse are still clean and pretty.

"A SOCK SHOP in Southern California??", you may ask. And yes, I know you may now be asking yourself "Wait. Don't So. Cal-ers generally wear flip-flops, wide grins, and not much else? What an odd place to do the sock thing!". And isn't their Governor that actor guy that got pregnant in that one movie with Danny DeVito in it or something?.

Well yes, for the most part, that is a fairly accurate description of Southern California.
But do let me assure you there are people like shop owner, Sock Diva L, (a.k.a. Leah Workman) who are transplants from other coasts and who tend to wear socks of all lengths and not just because they're too lazy to shave their often-to-always bared hairy yeti legs and need something fashionable and fun with which to cover those hairy pups up. (TMI??)

Shop owner and head Sock Diva L (her stage name or Internet name or sock name if you would..) isn't actually really much of a diva at all, she just really likes socks which are the gateway drug to her real addiction; Shoes. OMG SHOES.
You might be get a better feel for her here on the Artisan Socks Blog where she used to shamelessly promote her socks and bores charms you with details of her fabulous sock life resplendent with bling, until every day got too busy to write a blog so now it's old and filled with cobwebs.

The other up-and-coming Sock Divas who are actually far too nice to be real divas but who can wing it for publicity's sake will also occasionally be found blogging and showing off their socks and stuff as it is an Artisan Sock requirement that all socks bought by staff and family members must be photographed and blogged about.

As you might have guessed because of this unilateral and unreasonable sock blogging demand imposed on said divas-in-waiting and family there has been mild sock unrest in the Artisan Sock Divadom.

To which Sock Diva L replied "Cest la Sock vie. Let them eat towel cakes" OMG! Towel Cakes! Too cute!.

If you're all about dressing up with your cat or dog, try popping over to our sister shop, run by us too Cat wig and canine costume shop, Cushzilla.


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Management / Support

Sock Diva D, D Wilson

While there are many people who help with Artisan Socks, shop manager, genius photographer and logo designer as well as snazzy stocking tester Sock Diva D. (a.k.a. D Wilson) deserves a huge mention and shout-out here. Her professionalism and sense and sensibility help keep the daily flow flowing and she never monkeys around.

Unless her boss makes her, but as you can see her boss is a bit of an ass hat.

(Get it? Because of the Donkey on her head and...*Sigh*)

We're going to do our best to search out quality, and to sell you things that we would and do wear ourselves.

We import directly from Japan if we find something amazing, and we try to buy made in the USA when possible or made by cool and interesting business owners and we also try to buy socks and items made responsibly out of responsible fabrics. One of our goals is to support good businesses and people and designers and to not just sell socks to become obscenely rich as most sellers of socks are known to become.

We also promise that if we do become obscenely and fabulously rich selling these wonderful socks that we won't let it go to our heads and commission statues made out of diamonds of us in our socks to go next to our gold-plated sinks in our olympic pool sized Diva bathrooms, and will instead try to support causes we believe in.

Give Us A Call, Drop By.

If you're local and want to take a look before you buy please call 1.888.34.SOCKS 10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST Monday through Friday and we'll make sure you can take a peek at our lineup before you buy. You can also drop by for a pick-up after you place the order online if you want to have a picnic in Torrance an excuse.

A Special "Thank You" to My Family & Friends

This socks shop has been one of the most fun and enjoyable projects I've worked on so far, but it still was a fairly Herculean task to even get it to the point where it is right now, which is far from finished.

I'd be remiss if I didn't say a huge "Thank You" to my family members who really helped with advice and socks stuff; Mom, Jackie, Karen, and Jen, thanks for your help and time and I hope you like socks as gifts because, well, chances are that's what you're getting from me for a while :).

I'd also like to give a big shout out to my girlfriends who got all manic about socks with me and gave me feedback and advice about sock choosings and such, as well as who helped with writing and taking photos and stuff as well as those who gave warm mental support as well and who understood why the idea of wearing bacon and egg socks to a power lunch under slacks is hysterical, which really means a lot to me even if I get so wrapped up at times I forget to say "Thank You" sometimes. So here's a big "Thank You" from me to you Mel, Danielle, Rebecca, and everybody else too.

Last but certainly not least is a person who deserves many and much thanks on a regular basis and isn't afraid to remind us of that ;-P, my partner in non-crime, and all things business and beyond, Hibino, for spending countless nights working on adding the functions and bells and whistles I (and the other sock Divas) asked for and for taking care of the things on our development wishlists. You rock, and the site is so much better because of the extra work you put into the details.

Wish Us Luck and Stay socksy People,
Sock Diva L.

Current Job Openings

No current openings, sorry!

♥♥ April faves

Staff pick #1: Comicbook leggings $12.00
Staff pick #2: Salmon Sushi Socks $4.99
Staff pick #3: Peace Tabi Socks $3.00


♥♥ Artisan Socks March Madness Socks

Staff pick #1: Teddy bear stockings $6.00
Staff pick #2: Wine Over the Knee $12.50
Staff pick #3: Men's Trex

♥♥ Artisan Socks Warm, "Hot", and a Little Sexy Stockings picks

Staff pick #1: Thigh High Ivory Lace Socks $6.00
Staff pick #2: Plus size polka dot thigh highs $7.50
Staff pick #3: Black slick thigh highs $8.00

♥♥ Artisan Socks staff special holiday wishes from December

Staff pick #1: Nutcracker Socks $10.00
Staff pick #2: Grumpy Xmas $7.50
Staff pick #3: Second Degree Scratch marks + Japanese Growing Socks

Bite marks, scratches + Amazing Japanese Growing Socks

♥♥ Artisan Sock staff picks & pics for October spooky

Staff pick #1: Zombie Girl Stockings $4.70
Staff pick #2: Men's & Women's Zombie Socks $10.00
Staff pick #3: Spiderweb thigh highs $4.00

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