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leg warmers, arm warmers, accessories

Leg Warmers? What are leg warmers??

Legwarmers are fabric or knit tubes that either bunch up small around your feet or are long enough to go all the way up to your thighs. You can wear then over tights or leggings, and sweet young things here on the west coast wear them on bare legs.

If you're old like me, leg warmers mean "Flashdance" and middle school. If you're young and hot, they mean leg styles, if you're a dancer they're a necessity, and if you're just curious, they are money well spent.

Arm Warmers Q & A

Q. Arm warmers, really? I've never seen someone actually wearing them. A. Lots of people wear them, for real. In Japan, ladies will wear special UV ray cutting arm warmers when they ride their bikes to work so they don't get sun burnt. A. True story; I've seen Danielle wear them here in the office because the office was cold and so were her poor arms because she had short sleeves on.

Q. No really, who wears these things??? A. Well, arm warmers happen to be very fashionable currently. And aside from just the fashion aspect, they do exactly that; keep your arms warm. Seriously, just look. We have original hand-made ones made of reclaimed cashmere (omg! cashmere, really), some Smartwool ones that are thin and wool and warm but not scratchy and many many more. JUST LOOK! They don't bite!!

Q. Won't I just look silly? A. No. Stop that.

Q. Feh on your "fashion" arm tubes!! I refuse to wear your fancy "Arm warmers"! A pox on your elbows! A. Fine, go away, I'll wear mine in peace as you struggle with your bulky sweater and gloves. I am a sleek lean mean arm warmer machine and I don't need your approval. I am FREE! I am FREE and wearing my super arm warmers! You can't catch me!

Q. Now you're just being offensive, arm warmer chick. A. You're right, I'm sorry. I'll put the arm warmers down and back away from the internet slowly.
As you were.

Towel Cakes Q & A

Q. They're so cute and real looking, can I eat them? A. Sure, you can eat the cake or parfait colored towels and cherry or strawberry shaped magnets, but please don't because they aren't food and you could choke or become ill. So I change my answer to "No". Unless you have Pica, and then we can't stop you, but it is our responsibility to warn you that they aren't really edible even though most of them fit in your mouth.

Q. Is it true people love you more when you buy towel cakes and towel parfaits for them as gifts? A. Yes, that is very true.

Q. Is it true that you sourced these towel cakes when you were on a socks buying mission and happened to see the towel cake guys presenting towel cakes dresses as pastry chefs with little white chefs' hats doing a little towel cake dance (the presenters, not the hats, hats don't dance silly.) that was too cute so you bought them up too? A. Who fills your head with this nonsense?
All of my purchasing decisions are based on years of high level market research done by the secret marketing government agency and on rock-solid sound business principles and NEVER based on cute towel cake dances or because there are ninjas or bacon on the socks.
OMG ninja socks!

Q & A Q & A

Q. Are any of those arm warmer or towel cake questions from real people? A. Why would you ask such a question?

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