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Celest Stein Socks, Tights, Leggings
Celeste Stein Tights, Socks, Leggings
Leggings, trouser stockings and ankle socks in a stocking weight. Celeste Stein has some of the most fabulous prints and designs available anywhere and we keep a great selection for you. You must see these.
minga berlin over the knee socks
Minga Berlin Over the Knee Socks
Organic cotton over the knee socks in regular and petite sizes. Solids, two tones and stripes, but all fun and fanciful.
sock it to me
Sock It To Me
Fun fanciful fashion knee-high socks and leg warmers for individuals and teams who want to show their spirit!
Ozone socks
Ozone SocksOzone Socks
Angora, mohair, and cotton blends, the amazing socks are truly lovely French designed fashion socks. Works of art for your feet.
Hansel from Basel Socks and Tights
Hansel from Basel Socks and Tights
Gorgeous silks and wools in stockings and tights. High end designer, works of art for your legs.
Rockn Socks 100% Cotton Eco Socks
Rockn Socks 100% Cotton Eco Socks
100% Reclaimed cotton, these socks are eco friendly, and yet soft and gorgeous to wear. Knee higs, over-the-knees and arm warmers in vibrant and fun colors. A big favorite.
Kbell socks
K Bell socks
Soft and dreamy socks, knee socks, thigh high socks, over-the-knees in fresh and fun styles, and dreamy soft knits. Best selling brand, fun, funky and fashionable.
Kbell novelty socks
K Bell novelty socks
K. Bell novelty socks. Get your shark & fish socks, cow socks and many more whimsical and fresh fun socks here.
Kbell socks
K Bell socks featuring Laurel Burch
Cats and dogs, giraffes, stars and mermaids, horses and more; brilliant bold colors, heart warming scenes.
Smartwool socks
Smartwool socks
High performance wool socks that are fashionable and not itchy or scratchy, and work well in heat as well as the cold.
Loungefly socks
Loungefly Socks
Hello Kitty, Kawaii, Smurfs, Jack Skellington and more. Whimsical and cool knee socks for fun.
Happy Socks
Happy Socks Unisex Socks
Designed in Sweden and a big european hit, these socks come sized in small, medium and large for your whole family to go a little foot fashionable. For mom, dad, and children, these well made vibrant socks are sweet.
z-international hosiery
Z International Hosiery
Sexy, sassy and fun. Lace, mesh, leather-look thigh highs and argyle stockings. Lace tights and leggings a little rock, a little punk, a little goth and a lot of fun.
violet love socks & leggings
Violet Love Stockings & leggings
Trendy meets fashion in these stockings and half-mesh half- solid trouser stockings. Paired with a tunic or shors, these make any outfit into fashion.
Lara Kazan hosiery
Lara Kazan hosiery
Original designer leg warmers and leg fashions, this line is adored by fashionistas world-wide. Boutique fashion so they don't stay in stock long and have a limited
diesel sweeties socks
Diesel Sweeties Socks
Pixel hearts, 20-sided die socks and cute robots. Geeky fun for your feet.
Scolar Japanese Tights
Scolar Japanese Tights
Wonderfully fun Japanese designer. We carry their tights and will soon carry some of their leg warmers. Cute Harajuku and trendy Japan limited availability in the US. Too fun!
Socks from Japan
Japanese Socks & Japanese Stockings
Hand-picked from Japan. We have tabi and toe socks and kimono socks as well as whimsical fun toes socks and add a dose of Harajuku sexy stocking styles to round out our Japanese socks line. Limited quantities, stock changes often.

Tell me about the different sock brands and which one's for me!!

We'd love to introduce the various brands in our wonderful amazing super sock (and tights, and leggings, and knee hi and thigh hi and knit and mesh and wool and 100% cotton and phew! I'll just get on with it.) line up we have to offer you.

Ozone socks

I love these socks so hard I hyperventilate when I have to do a sock buy from them. Designed by a Parisian with a sense of humor, an eye for design, and a creative touch with fabric, these are fun fashionable socks, never "novelty". Buy these if you're a boot person or a thigh hi sock person with style and a touch of the whimsical.

Smartwool socks

If you don't know Smartwool you should. These are the wool socks that aren't itchy or boring. They're comfy, breathable, fun, and warm warm warm to keep your toes cozy through the long, cold winter. They're high performance socks to help you perform your best even when it's cold out. You don't have to sacrifice comfort or style to have warmth -- you can have it all with these Smartwool socks.

Loungefly Socks

Cute and fun with a splash of punk, Loungefly takes classic characters and puts them on socks (and other accessories). We love what they've done with Hello Kitty, the Smurfs, and even Tootsie Rolls, and you will, too! They've also got Kawaii Island and Crowded Teeth, based on characters by current designers in the vein of Japanese Harajuku style and ironic cuteness.

K.Bell Socks

A longtime sock standard invented by Karen Bell in her living room in 1982, and loved world-wide since then. You'll see the fun twists they've put into their socks, like the "predatory animal eats your foot" series or the Japanese tabi socks with cherry blossoms. K.Bell also features a line of socks based on the iconic works of Laurel Burch. Even if you don't recognize the name "Laurel Burch", we're sure you'll recognize the rich animal prints when you see them.

Celeste Stein Socks, Tights, Leggings

Family run business, made here in the USA, and designed originally by the amazingly creative Celeste Stein who is a warm and welcoming person on top of being a world class designer. If you can dream it up, then you can probably find it in our line of Celeste Stein socks, tights, and leggings. Beautiful prints in a variety of colors and novelty patterns. If you see a print that you like that’s not offered in the style you’re looking for, just let us know, and we’ll get it for you.

Rockn Socks

Fashion with a conscious, these eco friendly socks are made from reclaimed cotton. Fun and fashionable colors with a perfect mid-season warmth. Made locally in the USA as well. Their catch phrase is "Because Life is Too Short to Wear White Socks!"

Sock It To Me Socks

Some of the most fun sock out there, the Sock It To Me line is overflowing with playful knee high socks, crew socks, and footies. They are great for cheering you up on a gloomy day and are great for adding some whimsy to your outfits and giving to friends and family. Some staff favorites are the red and white striped pirate sock and the Sprinkle Toes confetti dotted sock, as well as the Ninja sock (omg ninja socks!). They also make a bunch of cute leg warmers to choose from, and some fancy crochet fishnets thrown in for good measure. Designed in Portland and across the country by real sock wearers, there are socks in this line for any occasion.

Happy Socks

Happy Socks are colorful socks designed in Sweden and manufactured in Turkey, by a factory that makes socks for both the Belgian and Turkish armies. With a handlinked toe that ensures a perfect fit and made from cotton that is combed to leave only the longest and most comfortable threads, these fun cotton socks are built for comfort and longevity.

Lara Kazan Hosiery

Those of you who boutique shop in Manhattan know this wonderful designer's leg warmers and hosiery. She won't be restocking this line, so when you buy one you'll truly be getting a one in a million look. Gorgeously well made with brass and suede fixings and an amazing attention to detail over-all, these leg warmers really make an outfit.

Hansel from Basel Socks and Tights

Socks, tights, and stocking with a fantastic whimsical twist. We love these so much and are sad because the line-up changes so quickly our favorites go too soon. Rest assured though, the new designs are always amazing too.

Diesel Sweeties Socks

Rock on with pixel socks from the creator of indie rock web comic Diesel Sweeties.

Z International

A little punk, a little funk, and lots of fun. Surprisingly wearable on a daily basis. (I'm wearing their button leggings as we speak, or er, as I type and all.)

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